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Hi, I am Granny!

As a cannabis patient, I found it inconvenient to vape my meds at work or pretty much anywhere indoors. I was desperate for a more convenient way to regulate my pain threshold without interruptions. “Vape Time” went from a look forward to moment to an obligation.
Searching for solutions, I decided on the idea of ingesting my meds in the form of edibles, but not just any edible would suffice. It would have to be the type that made it easy for CBD to be absorbed by my body, allowing for a sensation of rapid pain relief. So, two years ago I got busy and took to my kitchen with my grandmother’s hard candy recipe under my arm. Adding some sugar here and natural flavors there, I played and experimented until I had the perfect confection – Playful, old-time hard candy with the pain-relieving feature that distinguishes CBD.
I found, to my delight, that absorbing CBD in my mouth provided a more effective consumption method when compared to other edibles that must make their way through the digestive system first, before you can experience the benefits. It was then, and after the encouragement of friends and family that Canny Granny Candies Inc. was born.